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WP Love is a Battlefield by onekawaiibaka WP Love is a Battlefield :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 5 4
You Don't Know
My heart has been known to mislead me
Even from the sleeve where it's sewn
Sometimes the feelings come easily
Then I wonder if it's truth my heart's shown
Lately the bloody thing's been repeating
Three words I'm afraid aren't a lie
I swear it wasn't true in the beginning
But now it grows harder to deny
I tried locking the insufferable organ away
And burying it deep, deep down below
But it just gets louder with each passing day
And then reveals things I don't want to know
My pitiful heart, it's suffered enough already
So for now I won't tell you what's true
Because what you don't know can't hurt me
And the truth is I'm falling for you.
:icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 1 7
Not For You
Coward. It was never necessary to lie to me. It hurt that I had to hear the truth from the mouth of your perfect girl. Who, in my own bitter words, is nothing but a drunken whore.
Friends? That would have been nice, but with the way you went about things, there were bound to be hard feelings. Even if I had, until now, never chosen to voice them.
I know I wasn't perfect. I talked too much and was selfish. I'm the size and shape of a planet, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I seem to think everything revolves around me. Your constant showering with gifts only proved to reinforce that belief.
I was your second choice. I must have forgotten what you told me in the beginning. How could you have ever loved me when your heart was already so fully devoted to another? Conveniently, you never tried to remind me.
I don't want you to think that I hate you. I just think that you're making a terrible mistake. I may have been seflish, but at least I never relied on
:icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 0 6
Tea is serious business by onekawaiibaka Tea is serious business :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 1 4 Flowers for Roxas by onekawaiibaka Flowers for Roxas :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 1 3 Dirty dirty thoughts by onekawaiibaka Dirty dirty thoughts :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 12 4 RonxHarry: What did you say? by onekawaiibaka RonxHarry: What did you say? :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 17 8
Two Months
It was his punishment. Seto knew that. He should have realized karma wouldn't be so nice as to let him go, just because his step-father had been mean to him. That wasn't an excuse. And now Mokuba was the one who had to pay for it.
Mokuba was the one who was diagnosed with cancer. Mokuba was the one who had to undergo chemotherapy. But Seto was the one who's heart broke. His heart broke each time he found clumps of Mokuba's hair around the house. His heart broke each time he found Mokuba curled up in his bed crying. And his heart broke each time his little brother asked him why, and Seto was unable to answer him.
It had been two months since they found out. Two months that Mokuba had been undergoing chemotherapy. And two months of Seto watching painfully as Mokuba's hair got thinner and thinner.
"Big brother..." Seto's eyes wandered from his locket to look up at his little brother, who stood in the doorway of his bedroom wearing his long pajama shirt and looking sickly pale. Seto shut h
:icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 4 7
Long black hair nearly disappears into the dark blue fabric of the pillow, the boy's pale skin standing out against sheets of the same hue. Violet eyes stare blankly ahead. Peach lips part for a moment, falter in their movement, then close. Small fingers reach out to touch the one sitting silently next to him. The bed shifts as the man stands up, running a shakey hand through brown hair, cold blue eyes looking everywhere but at the boy. His hand goes to the floor, picking black pants up off the plush white carpet before slipping them on.
The room reaks of sweat and sex, a thick odour that devours the contents of the room as the brunette walks across it to open the window. A damp scent, like wet grass, wafts through the room gently, barely overcoming the heady smell of spent passion.
Rain drops hit the window sill with the tiniest of sounds, joining together to weave a soft melody that reminds the violet-eyed boy of a piano. A deep sigh leaves the old
:icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 7 4
Coffee and Cereal
It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Seto Kaiba thinks whoever started this saying is an idiot. His little brother, on the other hand, believes it's true.
This was made apparent one morning when he started dragging Seto to the kitchen table, which was rarely used since they usually only ate at the dining room table.
"Mokuba, what is this?" The brunette demanded, finding Mokuba's sudden behavior both a little annoying and a little endearing.
Mokuba pulled out a chair for his brother and gently pushed him down into it. "Sit please, niisama, and I'll explain in a moment."
Seto decided to oblige, for the moment. He was too tired to argue and, watching the younger boy dance in his pajamas and socks towards the refrigerator, he decided he didn't really want to anyway.
Mokuba hummed happily as he began taking things from the shelves of the fridge, placing them down on the counter before shutting the appliance door with his foot. "Today, we are going to have a
:icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 8 1
For Knives: Yuki Plushie by onekawaiibaka For Knives: Yuki Plushie :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 0 5 For Nikki: Legolas Plushie by onekawaiibaka For Nikki: Legolas Plushie :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 1 3 Mokuba - Last days of Summer by onekawaiibaka Mokuba - Last days of Summer :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 2 1 First ever doll-Gift for Rory by onekawaiibaka First ever doll-Gift for Rory :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 0 2 Noa as Mokie's Pimp by onekawaiibaka Noa as Mokie's Pimp :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 0 0 Mokuba as Becky by onekawaiibaka Mokuba as Becky :icononekawaiibaka:onekawaiibaka 0 4

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Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Oklahoma
Favourite genre of music: Varied, discluding hip-hop, rap, and most country
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MP3 player of choice: iTunes
Wallpaper of choice: [currently] Latvia/Raivis from Hetalia
Favourite cartoon character: Mokuba Kaiba from Yuugiou
Personal Quote: "I don't want your filthy nuggets."
  • Listening to: "Summer Sunshine" - The Corrs
  • Reading: Yaoi scanlations
  • Watching: Enchanted
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Justice For All
  • Eating: Saltine crackers
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Some PhoenixWright bobbleheads maybe? (This is what I am calling my style now. Note my new icon. Bobbleheads. I'm not sure what else to call them. They have no necks or arms. Lawl.)




KotaMomi - Snowstorm
JensenElk with Jessa


I added kotarouinugami to my internets list instead of reality, but she might as well be on my reality list, since she's one of my best friends, anyway. ...She just joined DA instead of doing her homework. For shame, Kyle. >> ETA: Screw that, I'm addin' her to reality. Pft.

ANYWAY. I went and took my drug test today, yay~ Or, technically, yesterday. And next SUNDAY will be my first day working. Woot. Unless they need me to work before then. Eh, yeah. Oh, and I withdrew from two of my classes. And I'm working on a downtown loft for my interior design project. Fun fun. I guess that's all I have to say. Mainly I just wanted to update my lists to add daughter to it. *nod*








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